Discover a diverse range of MBA specializations in Pune University. This comprehensive list provides insights into each specialization, potential career paths, and how they align with industry demands. Choose the right MBA specialization to shape your future success in the dynamic world of business.

Are you considering pursuing an MBA at Pune University but overwhelmed by the array of specialization options available? Making the right choice can significantly impact your career trajectory, and it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of each specialization’s scope and relevance in today’s competitive job market.

Pune University offers total 9 specializations for 2019 pattern. This is applicable for academic year 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23 whereas 2016 pattern was applicable for academic year 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19.

List of MBA Specializations in Pune University

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In this blog, we will walk you through an in-depth exploration of the various MBA specializations offered by Pune University, highlighting their unique features, potential career paths, and the benefits they can bring to your professional development.

Pursuing an MBA is a transformative step towards a successful career in the dynamic world of business. Pune University, also known as Savitribai Phule Pune University, offers a diverse range of MBA specializations under the 2019 pattern. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive overview of these specializations, helping aspiring students make informed decisions and choose the most suitable path to achieve their career goals.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program at Pune University:

The MBA program at Pune University follows the 2019 pattern, designed to provide students with a contemporary and industry-relevant curriculum. This two-year, full-time program integrates theoretical learning, practical exposure, case studies, internships, and industry interactions to nurture future business leaders.

Under this pattern, students undergo a rigorous core curriculum in the first year, providing them with a solid foundation in various business domains. In the second year, they have the flexibility to choose specialized elective courses to enhance their expertise in a particular field of interest.

2019 Pattern: List of MBA Specializations in Pune University for MBA 2019 Pattern

Pune University offers a wide range of MBA specializations to cater to diverse interests and career aspirations. Let’s explore each specialization in detail:

The following specializations shall be offered as MAJOR / MINOR:

  1. Marketing Management (MKT)
  2. Financial Management (FIN)
  3. Human Resources Management (HRM)
  4. Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM)
  5. Business Analytics (BA)

The following specializations shall be offered only as MINOR specializations:

  1. Rural & Agribusiness Management (RABM)
  2. Pharma & Healthcare Management (PHM)
  3. Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM)

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1. Marketing Management:

This specialization focuses on developing marketing strategies, understanding consumer behavior, conducting market research, and mastering various promotional techniques. Students learn to create impactful marketing campaigns, strengthen brand positioning, and analyze market trends. Graduates from this program can pursue careers as Brand Managers, Marketing Analysts, Product Managers, and Sales Executives.

2. Financial Management:

The Financial Management specialization equips students with the skills to manage financial resources effectively. They delve into financial analysis, investment management, risk assessment, and corporate finance. Graduates can explore roles in finance and banking, such as Financial Analysts, Investment Managers, Financial Consultants, and Wealth Managers.

3. Human Resource Management (HRM):

HRM specialization focuses on developing the expertise to manage human capital within organizations. Students learn about talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, and organizational behavior. Graduates can pursue careers as HR Managers, Talent Acquisition Specialists, Training Managers, and HR Consultants.

4. Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM):

Operations Management specialization is ideal for those interested in optimizing business processes and enhancing efficiency. Students study supply chain management, quality control, project management, and logistics. Graduates can find opportunities as Operations Managers, Supply Chain Analysts, Project Coordinators, and Process Improvement Specialists.

4. Business Analytics (BA):

Pune University also offers Business Analytics (BA) as a sought-after MBA specialization under the 2019 pattern. Business Analytics is a cutting-edge field that combines advanced data analysis techniques, statistical modeling, and data-driven decision-making to extract meaningful insights from large datasets. As businesses increasingly rely on data-driven strategies, professionals with expertise in Business Analytics are in high demand across various industries. This specialization equips students with the skills to harness the power of data, drive business growth, and make informed decisions to stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.


  1. Please be aware that institutes may provide specific specializations based on various factors, including industry requirements, faculty expertise, student preferences, and employability prospects.
  2. However, an institute will not offer a particular specialization unless at least 20% of students show interest in registering for it.
  3. Similarly, if there is insufficient interest, an institute may choose not to offer a specific elective course unless a minimum of 20% of students express their intention to enroll in that elective.

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2016 Pattern: List of MBA Specializations in Pune University for MBA 2016 Pattern

Pune University offers total 18 specializations for 2016 pattern. Pune University affiliated institutes and colleges offers following specializations for 2016 pattern syllabus. This is applicable for academic year 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19.

  1. Marketing Management (MKT)
  2. Financial Management (FIN)
  3. Information Technology Management (IT)
  4. Operations Management (OPE)
  5. Human Resources Management (HR)
  6. International Business Management (IB)
  7. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  8. Rural &Agribusiness Management (RABM)
  9. Family Business Management (FBM)
  10. Technology Management (TM)
  11. Banking and Insurance Management (BIM)
  12. Healthcare Management (HM)
  13. Entrepreneurship Development (ED)
  14. Services Management (SM)
  15. Retail Management (RM)
  16. Digital Media & Communication Marketing(MC)
  17. Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM)
  18. Defence Management (DM)

Pune University MBA specializations for 2016 pattern are applicable for:

  1. Regular MBA i.e. 2 Years full time course
  2. Additional specialization i.e. Dual Specialization (1 Year)

This is all about MBA Specializations available in Pune University for 2019 Pattern and 2016 pattern. MBA specializations of 2019 pattern syllabus is applicable for the year 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22, & 2022-23.

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Conclusion: MBA Specializations in Pune University

The MBA specializations offered under the 2019 pattern at Pune University provide a diverse range of opportunities for students to excel in their chosen fields. Aspiring candidates must carefully evaluate their interests, strengths, and long-term career goals before making a well-informed decision.

Pune University’s reputation for academic excellence and strong industry connections makes it an ideal destination to pursue an MBA. With the right specialization and dedication, students can unlock their potential and embark on a successful journey towards becoming influential leaders in the business world.

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